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The Evolution of Voice Over

7:30 a.m… I’m heading to the Voices Carey studio in a bit to record more phone system messages for the rebranding of Brink’s Home Security to the new handle- Broadview Home Security. It’s a big and ongoing project. We’ve been on it for months. These are pickups. The last big session we did was comprised of 285 individual IVRs.

No more Carolina Panthers promos this season for my North Carolina “superstation” as the Panthers are done. They did finish strong though, beating the Saints 23-10.

The business continues to evolve. I saw one Texas agent asked talent if they would work as extras on a casino commercial project shooting in Oklahoma. Two 12-hour days for 600 bucks. Not a whole lot of money. Of course, getting work is an actor’s main issue in our ever-changing industry. But now we really have to work to maintain a decent rate, too.

Had pretty good ’09 despite the soft economy. The VO work really fell off the second week of December. But it’s always light that time of year. Lucky for me I wear a lot of hats. So, studio services, creative services, coaching talent and demo production keep me busy. Also, I’ve been putting in a lot of hours on the rollout of my new website in a few weeks.

One area I see no slowdown in is development of new animation projects. Especially for teenage voice actors, particularly female. A couple of girls I coach and produce have had auditions for new Cartoon Network and Disney shows virtually every week for the last few months. Ah. If only I was 18 and looked good in knee-high boots…